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Cold Fog® nozzles - 20 year warranty!
Wind Tunnel Humidification
Botanical Garden Humidification
Park 542, Chicago, IL
Park 542, Chicago, IL
Outdoor Fountain, Boston MA
Cooling - Kuwait Zoo Project
Special effects at Lisaberg Park, Sweden
Landscape Fog for Outdoor Leisure
Landscape Fog, Elmer NJ
ColdFog® for Special Effects, Japan
Outdoor Special Fog effects, Dallas TX
Turbine Transformer Cooling, South America
ColdFog® in Agricultural Humidification
Cold Fog® in Odor Control
Transformer Cooling
2009 Dealer Design Silver Award Winner
Exhale Sculpture, Chapel Hill, NC

New Development Adds Humidity and Cooling

Our clients asked us – and we made it! We created a small-zone, spot cooler for small areas such as offices, convenience stores, and specific manufacturing zones where cooling and added moisture are required. It can be mounted as low as 8 feet (2.4 meters) off the ground. Guarantees 100% non-wetting operation.

Fog Fan 2012 from Atomizing Systems

Evaporative Cooling Fog Fan 2012 from Atomizing Systems

Perfect Fog, Every Time. Cold Fog®.

6-nozzle Fog Fan from Atomizing Systems

6-nozzle Fog Fan from Atomizing Systems – also available in white

2009 Dealer Design Silver Award Winner

Our unique, patented Cold Fog® system is a completely self-contained system capable of generating man-made water fog for humidification, cooling, special effects, industrial processing, agricultural, dust suppression, humidity control and other applications. Our quality is based on the custom build of one-of-a-kind fog systems. Long term success through customer satisfaction is our goal and predicated on the pursuit of quality, everyone’s participation and value to society.

Humidifaction of Wallpaper Ink Roller

Humidification of wallpaper ink roller prevents ink from drying too soon

Our Fog-Fan™ is a silver winner of the 2009 Dealer Design Awards that honors products in components in accessories each year.